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Uncommon Upgrades That Sell Homes

When it comes time to put your existing home on the market, experts will tell you that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. These are the two most important areas that appeal to most buyers. But besides dealing with these two areas, what else might you do that will make a positive impression on potential buyers?

Curb Appeal

Believe it or not, just adding a fresh coat of paint to the front door will do wonders for overall curb appeal. You don’t have to change the paint color, just freshen it up. Maybe add a brass kick plate along the bottom of the door.

Place a potted flowering plant on either side of the door. Choose a coordinating color of flowers that can be seen from the street. Then place a new welcome mat on the stoop and replace or add the street address numbers next to the door.

Clean old oil spots off of the driveway or garage floor. There are several different home remedies you can try on these stubborn stains without purchasing special chemical cleaners:

  • Spread cat litter on the stain, wait about an hour, then sweep it up and rinse (this works well when the stain is fresh).

  • Mix laundry detergent into a paste and spread it on. Let it sit a while then scrub the area with a broom and rinse.

  • Dampen the stain with water, sprinkle baking soda on the stain, then add a carbonated cola beverage. Allow it to dwell until it quits fizzing, then scrub the area with a broom and rinse.

Interior Spaces

Start by replacing electric plug outlet and light switch covers. Each cover will set you back way less than a dollar if you select standard covers. Nice, clean plug and switch covers will enhance the colors on your walls and make the entire room look cleaner.

Make your basement or family room into a theater room. A laser projector (you can always take this with you later), a movie screen, and comfortable seating is all you need. Buyers sometimes have a hard time imagining what a room could be used for. Having it already set up as a theater room will make a lasting impression when they are later considering which house they are interested in buying.

Add a closet organization. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on this. Something stackable works the best. It’s a space to place shoes, or handbags, or even sweaters or sweatshirts. Storage cubes can make a closet appear larger than it is because everything has, and is in its place. If you have a room that would be suitable to use as a bedroom but can’t be classified as a bedroom because there is no closet

(realtors will tell you a bedroom has to have a closet), you can purchase an inexpensive wardrobe. You can find many for less than $100 and it will function as a closet. Your 3 bedroom house just became a 4 bedroom house! Talk about added value!

Consider adding open shelving in some rooms. Bathrooms are a perfect place to do this. Many times the wall above a toilet is empty and instead of hanging a picture there, add some open shelving. Additional storage is always appealing to buyers.

Talk to a realtor. They see and talk to so many buyers in your area that they know the little things that can make a huge first impression. You can make big changes in your home's appearance and functionality without spending your children’s inheritance or your retirement nest egg.

- Karl Kennedy (Author of ProjectorTop.com)


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